EV Charging

SOLARED is an experienced installer of EV charging stations, allowing for rapid and convenient vehicle charging. Combined with a solar PV system, your electric vehicle can run on 100% renewable energy!


Our team is skilled in installing high-quality electric vehicle charging stations. SOLARED’s team of licensed electricians are skilled in installing Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations.

Installing a solar PV system with your EV charging station can offset your electricity costs by powering your electric vehicle with energy from the sun.

The SOLARED team has installed over 100 EV charging stations.

How do we field each customer call?

With A 5-Minute Customer Site Survey:

  • Field each call and determine if they need a site visit.
  • Conduct site evaluation and determine client requirements.
  • Each site evaluation to include documentation with photos, preferred location and two options for alternative location.
  • Locate wiring, length of run and trenching.
  • Measure capacity availability of run and determine the shortest distance of the run to AC.
  • Evaluate panel board manufacturer and amp service.
  • Determined unencumbered area for installation closest to panel board.

SOLARED’s Standard Pricing for EV Charging Station Installation:

Standard pricing installed and commissioned is the following: (provided installation does not require out of the normal installation costs)

  • 30 amp single port installed for $5000
  • 30 amp dual port installed for $6000
  • 40 amp single port installed for $5550
  • 40 amp dual port installed $6850